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Bonnet FAQS

Why should I sleep in a satin bonnet?

You should sleep in a satin bonnet for several reasons. 1-to protect your hair from breakage caused by friction and dryness. Since most pillowcases are made from cotton and cotton absorbs moisture from hair, wearing a satin bonnet will stop that from happening. 2-Preserve your hairstyle. Salon services like braids, sew-in weaves, or even a simple blow out and style can cost over $100.00. Wearing a satin bonnet while you sleep can make your hairstyle last longer, keeping more money in your pocket. 3-protect your bedding. Are you moisturizing your hair at night? (If not, why? But I digress…) Moisturizing your hair at night is great for your hair, but not so great for your bedding. Wearing a bonnet lets you perform your night time moisture routine without worrying about getting product on your bedding.

What’s so great about a bonnet from SBB?

I’m so glad you asked that question. Anyone who knows me can tell you this is my favorite subject! A bonnet from SBB is unlike any other bonnet on the market. First of all, all our bonnets are adjustable using NO drawstrings or Velcro, so you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in strings or having your hair ripped out by Velcro. By being able to adjust your bonnet, you can wear it for a variety of hairstyles from locs to updos!

Another great thing about our bonnets is that they last longer. Elastic wears out over time, but a bonnet from SBB allows you to tighten your elastic as it naturally loses its stretch.

And let me tell you about the comfort. Adjustable elastic means a comfortable, custom fit. No red marks around your head from too tight elastic and no bonnet coming off at night because it’s too loose. You adjust the bonnet to your specific size needs.

What size bonnet should I order?

For an infant up to age 1, get the infant size.  If your baby’s head is smaller than 15 inches, please contact us.

For toddlers, get the toddler/kid size. This size fits kids up to around age 7 or so. It really depends on the amount of hair the child has, the hairstyles frequently worn, and the size of the child’s head. If you are in doubt, please contact us.

The Big Kid’s size is for all other kids.

The adult medium size is for people with relaxed or straight hair that is shoulder length or shorter, and for people who don’t regularly use rollers at night.

The large size is the go-to size for people with long hair, braids, long extensions or locs. It’s also great for people with thick hair, or for people who use the Pineapple method.

The Big Hair BonnetTM is great for…you guessed it people with big hair. Locs, extensions, afros, giant puffs, you name it, the bigger the better, and it all fits in a Big Hair BonnetTM.

What kind of satin do you use in your bonnets?

We use 100% satin charmeuse on the inside and outside of our adult bonnets. The inside of our kid’s bonnets, is also 100% satin charmeuse, but we use cotton on the outside so we can take advantage of the multitude of fun colors and prints available.

Order FAQs

Why does it take 1-2 weeks to get my order?

Because business is booming! Great for me, right? But you don’t want to have to wait to get your order. Unfortunately, it takes that long because while it’s great that we’re getting swamped with orders, we really need to take our time to complete your orders with the quality you deserve. We process orders in the order they are received.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! People all around the globe are going to bed in an SBB bonnet and deep conditioning with our Zap-CapsTM. While we are happy to ship your package overseas, we cannot be responsible for lost or delayed packages that are untrackable after leaving the United States.

Personalization FAQs

What can I get personalized?
You can add up to 15 letters to any bonnet, pillowcase, or satin robe on our website.

How do you add names?

We use heat transfer vinyl to add the name, phrase, or monogram of your choice to your items.

How much does it cost to add a name?

We charge $2.50 per item personalized.

How do I order personalization on my item?

Any item that is available for personalization will have a check circle for personalization. Once you check the circle by clicking it, you will see the price increase. Then, type a name in the box to let us know the name you want added to the item.

If you don’t see a price increase that means you didn’t click the circle and even if you place a name in the box, we won’t see it until we package the order, so your item won’t be personalized. So, please be careful with personalization. You have to do two steps: Click the circle AND type a name in the box.

Zap-CapTM FAQs

How does this stay hot?

The Zap-CapTM is filled with organic flax seeds. Flax seeds have a natural ability to retain their heat even after being reheated many times. They have been safely used for years in heat massage therapies because of this property.

How long will the Zap-CapTM last?

Your Zap-CapTM comes with a one year warranty against defects. The Zap-CapTM last you a few years with care. Please see your brochure for maintenance and care advice.

Can I use it on my child?

We advise that the Zap-CapTM not be used on kids under 12. For kids over 12, make sure you test the heat by wearing it yourself to make sure it’s not too hot. Do not use the Zap-CapTM on anyone who cannot let you know if it’s too hot. Serious injury could occur.